Request to Address Council Forms

To address the City Council on a posted item, complete the Citizen Comment Form and return it to the City Secretary on the dais prior to the discussion of the item at the City Council meeting.  These forms are provided to you at the City Council meeting.

If you would like to address City Council regarding an issue that is not posted on the agenda, please fill out the Request to Address a City of Georgetown Board or Commission and submit it to the City Secretary by noon on the Wednesday prior to the City Council meeting.

You may submit your request form by the following means:
Fax: (512) 930-3659
Location: City Hall – 808 Martin Luther King, Jr. Street, Attn:  City Secretary
Phone: (512) 930-3651

Please remember to step to the podium when the Mayor recognizes you.  Speak directly into the podium microphone and state your name and residence address before beginning your presentation.  If you provide material to the Mayor and Council, please give a copy to the City Secretary for inclusion in the record file of the agenda.

You are always welcome to contact your elected officials by phone, email, fax, or letter.  To determine who represents you, check out the Council District Map or click on your Council Member’s picture at