Flood Protection Planning Study

The Flood Protection Planning Study’s goal is to identify areas of flooding and develop mitigation strategies such as drainage maintenance and potential future drainage projects.

The study is a partnership between the cities of Georgetown, Leander and Liberty Hill, as well as Williamson County and the Texas Water Development Board.

You can read the draft study here:
Flood Protection Planning Study Draft Part 1
Flood Protection Planning Study Draft Part 2
Flood Protection Planning Study Draft Part 3
Flood Protection Planning Study Draft Part 4
Flood Protection Planning Study Draft Part 5

Brazos G Regional Water Plan

Regional water planning provides for the orderly development, management, and conservation of water resources and preparation for and response to drought conditions in order that sufficient water will be available at a reasonable cost to ensure public health, safety, and welfare; further economic development; and protect the agricultural and natural resources of that particular region.

The Brazos G Area, which is comprised of all or portions of 37 counties, is one of the State’s 16 planning regions established by the Texas Water Development Board. Georgetown is in the Brazos G Region. Jim Briggs, general manager of utilities for the City of Georgetown, is a member of the Brazos G Regional Water Planning Group.

The regional water plans are developed on a 5-year cycle, with previous plans developed in 2001, 2006, and 2011. In accordance with legislative and rule requirements, all of the regional water plans must be completed and adopted by November 1, 2015. The TWDB will then compile the 16 plans into the 2017 State Water Plan. The regional water plans will continue to be updated every 5 years.

The Brazos G Regional Water Planning Group (“Brazos G/Region G”) will conduct a public hearing at 9:00 a.m., Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at the Brazos River Authority Office, 4600 Cobbs Drive, Waco, Texas 76710. The purpose of the hearing is to receive oral and/or written comments regarding the content of the Initially Prepared Brazos G Regional Water Management Plan. No action on the Initially Prepared Plan will be taken at this hearing.

To see a copy of the Initially Prepared Plan, go to BrazosGWater.org.

Capital Improvement Plan

The City of Georgetown annually updates and adopts a five-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) Schedule as part of the operating budget adoption process. Needed capital improvements are identified through system models, repair and maintenance records, and growth. The City uses a team approach to prioritizing capital improvement projects, whereby City staff from all operational areas provide input and ideas relating to each project and its effect on operations.

Please see the attached drafts.  If you have any comments about these or other CIP subjects, please contact Wesley Wright, 512-931-7672.

Georgetown Utility Systems 2016
Transportation 2016

Irrigation Variance Form

The watering restrictions ordinance describes the conditions during which you are allowed to irrigate your lawn.  There are exceptions made to these mandatory rules, but to gain an exception, you must complete the following Irrigation Variance Form and submit this form to gus@georgetown.org.

Irrigation Variance Form

Landowner’s Bill of Rights

This Bill of Rights applies to any attempt by the government or a private entity to take your
property. The contents of this Bill of Rights are prescribed by the Texas Legislature in Texas
Government Code Sec. 402.031 and Chapter 21 of the Texas Property Code.

Landowners Bill of Rights – August 2010

For a link to the Attorney General’s page that covers the Landowners Bill of Rights and to check for updates, please visit http://www.oag.state.tx.us/agency/landowners.shtml

Construction Specifications and Drainage Criteria Manual

Please note: Construction Standards and Details and Drainage Criteria Manual are intended for engineers and contractors engaging in civil infrastructure in the City’s service area.

GEORGETOWN UTILITY SYSTEMS (including water infrastructure in the area formerly served by Chisholm Trail Special Utility District)



  • W03 – revised 1/23/2013
  • W04 – revised 1/23/2013
  • W05 – revised 1/23/2013
  • W06 – revised 1/23/2013
  • SD25 – revised 1/14/2014
  • SD14 – revised 6/25/2015
  • SD15 – revised 6/25/2015
  • SD28 – revised 6/25/2015
  • SD29 – revised 6/29/2015
  • SD30 – revised 6/26/2015
  • SD31 – revised 6/30/2015
  • SD32 – revised 8/05/2015
  • SD33 – revised 7/06/2015
  • SD34 – revised 7/06/2015
  • SD35 – revised 7/07/2015
  • SD36 – revised 7/07/2015
  • SD37 – revised 7/07/2015
  • SD38 – revised 8/05/2015
  • W08C – revised 9/23/2015

DRAINAGE CRITERIA MANUAL – January, 12, 2004 (current version)

To obtain the latest Construction Specification and Standards Manual, CAD Details, and/or Drainage Criteria Manual:

1.  Order Online
2. Submit a request by emailing engineeringsupport@georgetown.org

The latest Construction Specifications and Standards manual and its AutoCAD details can be purchased for a fee of $200, which includes the Acrobat Reader versions of the Drainage Criteria Manual, the Construction Specifications, and the AutoCAD DWG details. Current holders of the construction manual can receive updates at their request.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to keep their address and contact information up to date in order to receive distribution of future releases when they are released.

Meter Test

Complete the application below to request that an independent meter test company will test your utility meter to determine if it is faulty.  If the meter test results in a defective meter, the City of Georgetown will pay for the testing and an adjustment will be applied to the account.  If the meter test indicates that the meter is accurate, the cost for the test will be applied to the applicant’s utility account.

Meter Test Application