Flood Protection Planning Study

The Flood Protection Planning Study’s goal is to identify areas of flooding and develop mitigation strategies such as drainage maintenance and potential future drainage projects.

The study is a partnership between the cities of Georgetown, Leander and Liberty Hill, as well as Williamson County and the Texas Water Development Board.

You can read the draft study here:
Flood Protection Planning Study Draft Part 1
Flood Protection Planning Study Draft Part 2
Flood Protection Planning Study Draft Part 3
Flood Protection Planning Study Draft Part 4
Flood Protection Planning Study Draft Part 5

Downtown Wayfinding and Signage Master Plan

An element of the Downtown Master Plan calls for the creation of a coordinated system of wayfinding and public signage to get vehicles and pedestrians to and around downtown by providing a hierarchical system of signage and symbols.  Coupled with the need to provde a wayfinding system for downtown, the City also recognized the need to provide a consistent and coordinated system of signs city-wide.

Wayfinding & Signs Masterplan

Williams Drive Gateway Redevelopment Master Plan

The City of Georgetown identified the Williams Drive Gateway area as a high priority planning and economic development project in 2004. City staff completed an existing conditions report of the area in the spring of 2005. The City Council allocated funds in its fiscal year 2006 budget to complete a redevelopment master plan for the Williams Drive Gateway area.

To assist the City in the redevelopment master planning process, Civic Design Associates, in partnership with Land Design Studio, was hired to conduct a public planning process and to develop a master plan document for the Williams Drive Gateway.

In early December 2005 a week-long planning charette process was completed wherein the public was invited to share their ideas and vision for the redevelopment of the Williams Drive Gateway area. The charette process began with a community image survey that gauged the public’s preferences for different types of development. By a wide margin the public preferred images of human scale, pedestrian-oriented, well landscaped, mixed use developments and disliked development images that were auto-oriented, visually chaotic, with excessive pavement and garish signage. The public participants were then given the opportunity to sketch out their vision for the Williams Drive Gateway area.

Upon receiving the public’s input, Civic Design Associates developed a conceptual land use and transportation plan along with a phasing strategy for the Williams Drive Gateway area. The plan was then presented to the public for comments and questions. The presentation provided below summarizes the charette process.

Civic Design Associates presented the final draft of the master plan to the City Council on April 24, 2006 in a workshop meeting. The Council adopted the plan at their April 25, 2006 meeting and directed City staff to begin implementing the plan.

If you would like to receive a hard copy of the plan please contact Andy Combs at Document Engine. He can be reached via phone (512) 310-8228 and email andy@documentengine.com. There is a cost of $75 for each copy requested to cover printing charge (additional charge for mailing).

Williams Drive Gateway Redevelopment Master Plan

Williams Drive Gateway Study – April 2005

Below is listed the original Williams Drive Gateway Study and presentation that was prepared for the City in 2005.

Presentation of Preliminary Master Plan

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Downtown Master Plan

Over the years the City of Georgetown has worked hard to maintain its character while also maximizing opportunities for economic development and for enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Many planning decisions have been made carefully, with close consideration of the impacts and benefits of development and recognition of long-term city policies. The importance of current decisions spurred by recent growth and of maintaining the small town character of the downtown is evident in community involvement in the planning process. The Downtown Master Plan seeks to provide a framework for the citizens of Georgetown to use in planning for the future of the downtown.

Georgetown is a community of more than 30,000 located approximately 26 miles north of Austin. Known for its rich history, Georgetown has over 180 homes and buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was the recipient of the Great American Main Street Award in 1997, the first Texas city ever so recognized.

Plan Boundary: Downtown Overlay District

The plan boundary follows that of the Downtown Overlay District, which was adopted by City Council in 2001. The Downtown Overlay District defines an area in which design guidelines apply for many types of improvements. In terms of permitted land uses, the boundary is the same as that of what has been designated as the Downtown Pedestrian Mixed Use zone in the Future Land Use Plan of the City”s Century Plan. This boundary is used for the Downtown Master Plan because it includes all of the properties that have the potential to redevelop with a mix of uses, including a variety of commercial uses, as well as residential. The planning area is framed by established neighborhoods, which the comprehensive plan envisions remaining stable residential places.

The master plan has been updated as of January 2014 and can be found at https://dtmasterplan.georgetown.org.