Irrigation Variance Form

The watering restrictions ordinance describes the conditions during which you are allowed to irrigate your lawn.  There are exceptions made to these mandatory rules, but to gain an exception, you must complete the following Irrigation Variance Form and submit this form to

Irrigation Variance Form

Traffic Routing for Moving a Building/Structure

In order to move a building or structure from or through the City of Georgetown, a traffic or routing plan shall be approved and filed with the City of Georgetown Police Services and all of the applicable utility providers where overhead utilities are constructed.

Before a building permit can be issued by the City of Georgetown Inspection Services Department this document, along with a traffic routing plan and an application shall need to be received in order to process a building moving permit.

Building Moving Traffic Routing Approvals

Event Permit

The City encourages special events for the greater good, cultural diversity and promotion of the City. Some gatherings and organized activities may place unique demands on public resources or pose a potential danger to public health, safety and welfare. In order to plan for these demands and ensure safety, it is necessary that the City receive advance notice of these events.

A Special Event Permit is a written authorization from the City to hold an event. This permit is necessary when an event involves one or more of the following activities:

  • Closing a public street
  • Blocking city owned property
  • Sale of merchandise or food/beverages on city owned property
  • Erecting a tent larger than 200 square feet on city owned property
  • Installation of a stage , trailer or other portable buildings on city owned property
  • Placement of portable toilets, temporary no-parking signs or pedestrian boundary markers on city owned property

For film production inquiries, see the Film Production and Locations page.

To read more about our special events permit process and to get copies of the forms, please visit