Downtown Parking Study 2015

The City of Georgetown is in the process of compiling a downtown parking study 1) to provide recommendations on short and medium term management solutions to identified parking issues and 2) to develop recommendations on preliminary design concepts for structured parking. The study (preliminary results, attached below) includes the results of an online survey as well as the identification of existing assets and potential future parking sites in the downtown area.

Parking Study Presentation



Market Study for Downtown District

Tenant mix study for the Downtown District of Georgetown prepared by IF Marketing & Advertising. The conclusions reached are based on present knowledge of the competitive market, the communities and retail developments as well as corresponding fieldwork completed over the last several months of the project.

Click here to open Marketing Study for Downtown District (.pdf)

Downtown Wayfinding and Signage Master Plan

An element of the Downtown Master Plan calls for the creation of a coordinated system of wayfinding and public signage to get vehicles and pedestrians to and around downtown by providing a hierarchical system of signage and symbols.  Coupled with the need to provde a wayfinding system for downtown, the City also recognized the need to provide a consistent and coordinated system of signs city-wide.

Wayfinding & Signs Masterplan

Facade & Sign Reimbursement Grant

cvb1220473514The Georgetown Main Street Facade & Sign Reimbursement Grant Program is an economic incentive to help ‘enhance the unique character of the downtown through historic preservation and makes an effort to keep commercial storefronts aesthetically appealing in order to attract customers. This incentive entails the City of Georgetown providing assistance to property owners, and in some situations, tenants,’ for the purpose of improving the quality of their storefront.

The Facade & Sign Reimbursement Grant Program focuses on exterior work on storefronts that hasn’t begun, as well as roof and foundation work on commercial buildings located in the Downtown Overlay District.  The application and instructions are below along with a map of the Downtown Overlay District. (see the .pdf linked to below)

Facade & Sign Reimbursement Grant

Event Permit

The City encourages special events for the greater good, cultural diversity and promotion of the City. Some gatherings and organized activities may place unique demands on public resources or pose a potential danger to public health, safety and welfare. In order to plan for these demands and ensure safety, it is necessary that the City receive advance notice of these events.

A Special Event Permit is a written authorization from the City to hold an event. This permit is necessary when an event involves one or more of the following activities:

  • Closing a public street
  • Blocking city owned property
  • Sale of merchandise or food/beverages on city owned property
  • Erecting a tent larger than 200 square feet on city owned property
  • Installation of a stage , trailer or other portable buildings on city owned property
  • Placement of portable toilets, temporary no-parking signs or pedestrian boundary markers on city owned property

For film production inquiries, see the Film Production and Locations page.

To read more about our special events permit process and to get copies of the forms, please visit

Downtown TIRZ Project and Financing Plan

Downtown Georgetown Reinvestment Zone (the “Zone”) is a tax increment reinvestment zone, proposed to be designated by the City of Georgetown (the “City”) pursuant to the Tax Increment Financing Act, as codified in Chapter 311 of the Texas Tax Code (the “Act”). The Zone is proposed to cover approximately 66(+/-) acres, is located entirely in Williamson County (the “County”) and within the corporate limits of the City, and is generally located around the courthouse square, south of the South San Gabriel River and north of University Blvd. The Zone is proposed to be created for a 25-year duration.

Downtown TIRZ Project & Financing Plan

Downtown Master Plan

Over the years the City of Georgetown has worked hard to maintain its character while also maximizing opportunities for economic development and for enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Many planning decisions have been made carefully, with close consideration of the impacts and benefits of development and recognition of long-term city policies. The importance of current decisions spurred by recent growth and of maintaining the small town character of the downtown is evident in community involvement in the planning process. The Downtown Master Plan seeks to provide a framework for the citizens of Georgetown to use in planning for the future of the downtown.

Georgetown is a community of more than 30,000 located approximately 26 miles north of Austin. Known for its rich history, Georgetown has over 180 homes and buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was the recipient of the Great American Main Street Award in 1997, the first Texas city ever so recognized.

Plan Boundary: Downtown Overlay District

The plan boundary follows that of the Downtown Overlay District, which was adopted by City Council in 2001. The Downtown Overlay District defines an area in which design guidelines apply for many types of improvements. In terms of permitted land uses, the boundary is the same as that of what has been designated as the Downtown Pedestrian Mixed Use zone in the Future Land Use Plan of the City”s Century Plan. This boundary is used for the Downtown Master Plan because it includes all of the properties that have the potential to redevelop with a mix of uses, including a variety of commercial uses, as well as residential. The planning area is framed by established neighborhoods, which the comprehensive plan envisions remaining stable residential places.

The master plan has been updated as of January 2014 and can be found at