City of Georgetown Hotel Occupancy Tax Report

You must file this report if you are a sole owner, partnership, corporation or other organization that owns, operates, manages or controls any hotel, motel, short term rental, or bed and breakfast within the City of Georgetown.



Unclaimed Property Listing

State of Texas Property Code Title 6 “Unclaimed Property Code 76” requires that any unclaimed money for the last 3 years must be submitted for public display.  Below is a list of unclaimed money, sorted by the name of the “owner”.


Irrigation Variance Form

The watering restrictions ordinance describes the conditions during which you are allowed to irrigate your lawn.  There are exceptions made to these mandatory rules, but to gain an exception, you must complete the following Irrigation Variance Form and submit this form to

Irrigation Variance Form

Meter Test

Complete the application below to request that an independent meter test company will test your utility meter to determine if it is faulty.  If the meter test results in a defective meter, the City of Georgetown will pay for the testing and an adjustment will be applied to the account.  If the meter test indicates that the meter is accurate, the cost for the test will be applied to the applicant’s utility account.

Meter Test Application

Judgment of Deferred Disposition

Deferred Disposition is a type of probation that may be available to eligible defendants upon recommendation by the prosecutor or at the discretion of the court.

If the period of probation is completed by the defendant without any violation of the conditions of probation, at the end of the probationary period the charge will be dismissed and no record of conviction will result.

Terms of probation may include, but are not limited to, refraining from committing certain violations during a specified time period, attending a defensive driving class, completing an alcohol or tobacco awareness class, or completing a specified number of community service hours. Deferred Disposition will not be granted without a formal court appearance by the defendant. Any violation of the conditions of probation may result in a conviction being entered against the defendant for the offense charged, and, upon conviction, the maximum fine allowed by law will become immediately due and payable.

Compliance Affidavit for Deferred Disposition

Utility Customer Confidentiality Request

You can now request that personal information contained in our utility records not be released to unauthorized persons.  The Texas legislature enacted a bill allowing publicly-owned utilities to give their customers the option of making the customer’s address, telephone number, personal identification, and billing and usage information, confidential.

Complete the form below and return it to

City of Georgetown Utility Office
P.O. Box 1430
Georgetown, Texas 78627

Utility Customer Confidentiality Request

Cash Bond Form

Use this form if you miss an appointed court date and need to secure a new court date.  You will need to post a cash bond, which equals the charge indicated on your traffic ticket, to secures a new court date.  As stated in this application, if you miss the second appointed court date, the cash bond is forfeited.

For more information about this application, please contact Municipal Court at

Click here to download the Cash Bond Form