Capital Improvement Plan

The City of Georgetown annually updates and adopts a five-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) Schedule as part of the operating budget adoption process. Needed capital improvements are identified through system models, repair and maintenance records, and growth. The City uses a team approach to prioritizing capital improvement projects, whereby City staff from all operational areas provide input and ideas relating to each project and its effect on operations.

Please see the attached drafts.  If you have any comments about these or other CIP subjects, please contact Wesley Wright, 512-931-7672.

Georgetown Utility Systems 2016
Transportation 2016

Fly Friendly Program

In order to continue to serve your aviation needs and be responsive to the concerns of our neighbors, the City has developed a voluntary noise control and safety program.

This program was developed with the participation of the Airport businesses, pilots, neighborhood representatives, the Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association (AOPA), Texas Department of Transportation, the Airport Advisory Board and the City of Georgetown. The purpose is to minimize the impact of aircraft operations on the surrounding neighborhoods without unduly restricting the use of the Airport.

The “Fly Friendly” program is modeled from work done by Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association. One of the many benefits of this program is to help ensure continued community support for the modern airport facilities to serve the future needs of recreation, businesses, and commercial aviation.

Your efforts to “Fly Friendly” are appreciated.

Fly Friendly Program – Map of Sensitive Areas

Airport Land Use Map

There are a lot of different land uses at the Airport:

  • FBO (Fixed Based Operator) – operating business
  • Land Leases – private storage hangars
  • City Owned Buildings
  • Streets

Below is a map of the Airport signifying location of the FBO’s, Land Leases, City Owned Buildings and Streets.

Airport Land Use Map

Aircraft Movement Area

Before any pedestrian, vehicle or aircraft is allowed to enter the aircraft movement area* (areas are designated on the map below), the tower must be contacted for permission. To contact the tower, you must use a VHF radio (frequency 119.12).

*An “aircraft movement area” is any area which is reserved for tower-controlled movement patterns.

Any vehicle that seeks access to an Aircraft Movement Area must be equipped with a flashing yellow light and an Air Band Transceiver tuned to GT Ground at 119.12.

“Non-Movement Areas” – aprons, helipads, aircraft parking areas, and taxilanes NOT under the control of the control tower.

Aircraft Movement Area Map

Airport Minimum Standards

The City of Georgetown has developed the “Airport Minimum Standards” document to complement the rules and regulations set forth in Code of Ordinances. This document describes the rules and regulations for the following:

  • General Standard
  • Commercial Operations
  • Non-Commercial Operations
  • Licenses, Certificates, Authorizations
  • Insurance
  • Building/Improvement Standards
  • Fuel, Delivery, Storage, Sales
  • Doing Business with the Airport
  • Leasing To see the Rules & Regulations, visit the Code of Ordinances and go to Chapter 12.32.

Airport Minimum Standards Document